April 2018

No To Songkran 2018 At Summer School 😥😧😭

Every year during Summer School, we celebrate Songkran Festival with smiles. Apparently, for whatever reasons (nobody knows), our school did not advise us that there’s no Songkran Activity, this year. Everybody was surprised for the first time that the school will not hold a very important, meaningful event like this.

Generally speaking, Thai people and foreigners from everywhere are expecting this kind of special event. Songkran is not just an ordinary festival. It is the Thai New Year’s festival. The Thai New Year’s Day (also known as the water festival) begins on the 13th of April every year, but the holiday period includes 14th to 15th of April as well.


At school, students and teachers were not happy with the announcement that there’s no Songkran celebration. There were rumors that the school was conserving “water” for this year. Others have said that, there’s was no explanation why because the Thai teachers were not given answers and they’re not allowed to question, either.

For whatever it is.. still there are speculations that the school may have planned to shut down in the future because the number of students enrolled this year in summer are less than what is supposed to be. There are no nursery enrolled for the first time, this summer. It indicates less students or no more students in this level for the first semester. Too much cost cutting on the budget or financial matters. We used to have our office supplies such as A4 papers, inks and markers, colored papers, pens, and the like. It’s  getting worse to worst each year. Last year, we have office supplies/materials available but now, it’s for reimbursement and on a limited/tight budget. We cannot buy any markers and pens anymore, unless it’s the refill inks. In the other department, the school deducted their after school pay for no reason at all. There are too many things to mention that really sounds stupid, odd and malicious.

I was just thinking, if the school cares about the quality assurance and certification from the Khurusapa or the Teacher’s Council of Thailand and the Ministry of Education. These two departments are responsible if ‘Thai Buddhist holidays” are being implemented and observed by the schools. I am not certain if the school can still get away with this. But, It’s like something fishy is going on.

April 2018

I Believe in God ❤️


I believe in God almighty. I may not be perfect or I fall short so many times and I admit I’m a sinner saved by God’s grace but at least I don’t pretend to be a saint when I know I’m not.

Believing in God does not mean judging other people just because they sin differently. When we start thinking and acting that we are “better Christian than” anyone who didn’t go to church every Sunday; who didn’t go to confession; who got into something or anything.., it defeats the whole purpose of believing in God.

Merely sitting in the church does not guarantee anyone that s/he is a good Christian, this is not limited on Sunday worship/mass. Believing in God means having faith in God and keeping His commandments, one of which is “loving your neighbor as yourself”.

Just because I don’t socialize so much, I don’t go to church every Sunday, I don’t always post Biblical verses online and I have a busy life going on don’t mean I have less faith in God anymore, I have no time for God or I’m a bad person… ✌️😂 I have daily conversation with Him. I do read my Bible online apps everyday. I may be too busy but I’ve never stop praying or talking to God. Too many judgmental Christians always go to church but forget what the teaching/sermon was about right after they left the church.


My 41st Year On Earth

It was a great day celebrating my birthday here in Bangkok with my family and friends.

In the morning, my kids and hubby handed me birthday cards with cash inside. They greeted me a happy birthday.

At school, early in the morning, my close friend surprised me with a small cake with a candle and the huge subway look-a-like sandwich. I was amazed and surprised by the presentation. I’ve never had it on my birthday. I was so touched that some of my co-teachers cooked food for me.

At lunch, I ordered pizza for my co-teachers and friends as a thank you for their thoughtfulness.

We had simple dinner time together with my family.


My Personal Prayer

Thank you, Lord for your daily providence and unconditional love ❤️. Thank you in advance for the blessings (people, things, etc.) that are still coming along the way. If I couldn’t express it in prayers, Lord, please look inside me. All I know is that I’m very thankful about everything that happened, happens and still going to happen. May it/they be good or bad. It/they taught me of many valuable things. Thank you Lord for teaching me how to be tough through all the pains, challenges and those impossible difficulties that I thought I couldn’t be able to accomplished. To God be all the glory and honor. Amen!

April 2018

Part 5: Summer Class of 2018, Morning Time

To start the day, I usually wait for my students to arrive in the classroom. Kwankao is always early and when she arrives in the morning, I’ll just let her draw something; finish her art project; watch something related to our drama like the characters of Greek Mythology so she could be more familiarized.

And then, two or three students… I will facilitate some fun activities like spelling game. They’ll spell the names of Greek gods and goddesses, their special powers or any word/s related to Greek Mythology.

I only have 7 students in Year 6, it’s not too much to handle. Specially when they are really good students.

April 2018

Part 4: Summer Class of 2018, Arts and Crafts

Introducing my youngest daughter, Samantha wearing Athena’s armor, sword and shield. My students are working on their costume and props during our arts and crafts period. These will be useful for our “Thank You, Summer” activity at our school.

These are other tools that we need during the drama presentation

Here are some of my students finished products. They are really artistic and cooperative. Year 6 is really my favorite class 😁😊👍🏼. Good job students!!!

April 2018

Zumba Day 3

After my Zumba day 1 and 2 I’ve got sore muscles. My back, thighs, hips are hurt. But, this won’t stop me from doing what I have already started so, I did Day 3 of Zumba.

I started with the stretching exercises through Youtube.

And then followed by the Zumba dance.

I felt good, although, I still feel the sore in my muscles. I just thought maybe I will soon feel better.

April 2018

Zumba Day 2

My second day of zumba was on the 13th of April, Friday, 2018, 2-4pm @ Bangkok Rama Hotel with my two HFL and zumba buddies. Our dance instructor now is Gil from Fitness First. He agreed to lead our zumba exercise every Saturday from 3-5pm. The fun part is we’ll just have to pay 100 baht for 2 hours (free venue) and that was totally wow!!!

I like this trainer because he is very down to earth. Thank you, Lord! 🙏🏼

April 2018

Zumba Day 1

I was invited to attend the birthday zumba party last week. I attended with some of my HFL circle if friends.

It wasn’t actually free. It’s 500 baht for the entrance. I didn’t mind paying for the zumba lessons because the lunch buffet was included and the venue. It was the dance instructor’s birthday. His service fee is expensive. So I came to enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

It was so exciting and I enjoyed it. Since then, I made a commitment to continue doing zumba lessons to lose weight and become healthy.

Below are videos from the said party.

I declared that this was the first day of my zumba exercise. Till next time!